Schedule & Readings


For each class date listed below, there is a topic, assigned reading(s), and any assignment due.

  • To prepare for class, read and take notes on the assigned reading listed for the date, before we meet for class.
    • Be sure to note the topic of the day and consider how the assigned readings help you to better think about or understand our topical focus. Turn the title of the article into a question and use your notes to produce the answer.
  • Once you arrive to class, review your notes on the reading(s) so you are prepared for the class discussion and any possible quizzes.
  • So for class on 1/30, read Johnson’s chapter on Population Ecology before class and be sure to take good notes. Jot down any questions you may have and highlight any areas in the reading you found significant.


Unit 1. Thinking Critically about Immigration

Week 1

1/28: Course Introduction

  • No Readings

1/30: Understanding Human Migration

Week 2

2/4: Understanding Human Migration II

2/6: Understanding Human Migration II

Week 3

2/11-2/13: Immigration Issues in a Nation of Immigrants

Week 4

2/18-2/20: Race and ‘American’ Identity

Week 5

2/25: Critiquing Assimilation

2/27: Critiquing Assimilation

Unit 2. The Legal Landscape: Law, Policy and Social Control

Week 6

3/3: Legal Transformations

3/3: Legal Transformations

Week 7

3/10-3/12: Immigration Law: Past & Present

Week 8

3/17-3/19: The Criminalization of Immigrants

Week 9

3/24-3/26: Naturalization & Citizenship

  • Aptekar – Making Sense of Naturalization (password-protected)
  • Felix – Dreams of Citizenship, Naturalization Nightmare (password-protected)
  • Aptekar – Celebrating Immigrants (password-protected)
  • Op-ed#2b- Due 3/27

Week 10

3/31-4/2: Gender & Sexuality

Week 11-12

4/7-4/16: Spring Break!

Week 13

4/21-4/23: Op-Ed Project

  • Group Peer Review
  • Group Editing/Writing Sessions
  • Op-Ed Draft-4/21

Unit 3. A More Perfect Union: Immigrant Integration

Week 14

4/28-4/30: The U.S. Racial Hierarchy & the Racialization of Immigrants

Week 15

5/5: Contexts of Reception

5/7: Immigration Reform

Week 16

5/12-5/14: In-Class Exam Review